Mojtaba Rezaei

Human has no place in my visual point of view, in fact from the very beginning, man has no place in nature. Emergence of mankind not only disrupted the natural cycle of life, but also picturesque aspects of nature have changed due to human demands and have been damaged in the past centuries and completely destroyed in recent decades. I am very interested in the natural evidences that perpetually observe this destruction. The clouds, the moon, the trees, and the man-made structures that are evidence of this claim. I try to express my unexplainable feeling by use of these elements in my artworks.

> 2004 - 2006 AAT Azad University

> 2013 - 2018 BA Photography at University of Applied Science Technology

> 2000 - 2018 Editorial, Graphic Designer and Art Director at Computer Highway Magazine

> Published More that 10 Articles in Computer Highway Magazine

> 2009 - 2014 Commercial Photographer at Cardita Studio